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New RidgeRunners committee is starting up

Posted by Eric.Altermann@ihug.co.nz on December 2, 2012 at 12:05 AM

Change – there are few things that are more exciting or more annoying than constant change and yet there is nothing we can do to escape. So we get used to small doses of change and don’t notice them much, but large scale changes still make the headlines. Such a big change has happened to our Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club.

Normally at an AGM people drift in an out of the committee and changes to individual positions happen gradually over many years. This year was different and the AGM resulted in an almost complete change of the committee – only Chris has stayed on, albeit in a different role. Such a drastic change in people will invariably bring drastic changes to the clubs’ future as well, which is both scary and exciting. Scary, because new ideas will be tried and tested, some old ideas chucked out and we will probably venture into new territory. There will undoubtedly be some ideas that will be tried and found wanting, others will be a success and stick around. But it will be exciting as well, and for the very same reasons.

The new committee comprises a good mixture of both new and experienced mushers and while experience levels in sled dog racing may vary, enthusiasm to contribute something positive to our club and the sport in general runs high on everyone’s mind. This special newsletter is all about introducing the new committee to you, so make sure to read on. Ridge Runners will be heading into a bright future – that much can be said already. But we couldn’t have done or achieved anything without the fantastic commitment of previous committee members and in particular not without the personal engagement of Ridge Runners members who stepped up to help and bring in their time and skills to make things work, be it helping to organise races, building stuff for the club, help clearing trails on weekends, stepping up to fill in gaps, acting as trailbosses or race marshalls (and take all the complaints in stride) – THANK YOU, you know who you are. It is and will always be greatly appreciated!

In the future we will continue to rely on everyone to be an active part of the club, maybe even more so than in the past. From my own experience, a club is only as good as its members want it to be – the committee is nothing without an active and engaged membership base. And there is no reason why we can’t combine having great fun with meeting lots of people and giving the dogs a good run!

If you have ideas, please do let us know. Got any good trails in your backyard? Share them with the club, it’ll be much more fun running with different teams together rather than doing things on your own all the time. Have an idea for a fun event? We want to hear about it.

Let’s make RidgeRunners happen – together.

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