Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club

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Members of the Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club

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Ilona Turnbull 

Hi there, my name is Ilona Turnbull, I live in Napier with Kya, my 15 month old Siberian Husky who only has two speeds, full on or snoozing.  Kya is my third sibe fur child.  My first was sweet little Manya who came into my life as an 8 month old puppy.  Two years later along came D’artagnan a little bundle of fluff who grew into a gentle giant.  They both taught me so much about sharing my life with huskies and I was lucky to have them each for 14 years.  We had loads of fun over the years, taking walks and hikes together, some basic obedience training, some rest home and hospital visits and we even bundled our way through learning to run in harness with the bike and then a scooter, making it up as we went along.  Now it’s Kya’s turn and I am really looking forward to the opportunity this time round to get some pointers from people who know what they’re doing, and hopefully we’ll both be ready to give racing a go this winter.

Rebecca Bakker

My name is Rebecca Bakker and I live in Friendly Feuilding with my two Siberians, Pilot and Poppi.
I work as a florist in Palmerston North, which I have enjoyed for the past 10 years.
I have just completed my first official race season and have been thrilled with the enjoyment and achievement that both me and the dogs have accomplished.
As a newcomer to the sport I am eager to learn and to be as involved as I am able to within the sport.

Anthea & Colin Whitley 

We’ve owned husky’s for 10 years now.  We started with 2 and I remember Sarah, the breeder, saying to us…’They’re not an easy dog to own but if you get addicted, you’ll end up with many more’.  And now we have 8!!  (Raven 12, Cheyenne and Dakota 9, Stripe 7, Apache and Indy 4, Willow nearly 2 and Wolf 3 mths old).

It’s amazing what you’ll do for your dogs – we’ve scrimped and saved money, gone without things in order to enter races, bought new vehicles, built fences and kennels, and even shifted to a new part of NZ so we had more land for the dogs. 

We currently live in Foxton, which has turned out to be very central for us.  It’s close to Waitarere Forest for training and races, 5 mins from the beach to run on, a couple of hours from the Hawkes Bay for the vineyard race, and 3 hours from Taupo for the Kaingaroa Forest races. 

We belong to a social training group as well as to Ridge Runners, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know new people.  It reminds me that we can all still learn new things from others, even novices in the sport.  And their enthusiasm for wanting to try new things has been fantastic.  The social aspect has been lots of fun too, not sure what I’d do without the weekend brunches after training!

Usually I’m involved with time keeping at the races, and in the past have handled dogs (although my back doesn’t allow for that any more).

I’m really proud of Colin and the dogs – we’ve had some fantastic results at the races, particularly in the last couple of years.  And we continue to improve our times each season.

We ventured to Wanaka in 2010, and Colin has been hooked ever since!  I’m looking forward to getting down there again, and giving the South Islanders a run for their money!  They’re a great bunch of people, and I’d highly recommend to anyone to give it go on the snow, especially if you have husky’s.

I’m looking forward to being involved in Ridge Runners as a committee member, and have lots of ideas to offer.  And of course, we’re already thinking about the 2013 race season.  I hope I catch up with everyone at the races next year!