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Ridge Runners in the public media

Read all about how the media is reporting on our club, members and the sport of Sled Dog Racing in general. It is always exciting to see our sport being presented to a wider audience.
Click on the links to read the full stories - some of the files cam be a bit larger, so be patient for the download.
2015 Vineyard Classic hosted at Te Awa Winery 

Hawke's Bay Today Photographer Warren Buckland paid us a visit at the Vineyard Classic and took some amazing pictures.
Follow the link below to have a look!

Training Weekend with Curt and Fleur Perano   

We organised a first workshop on Sled Dog Basics with the New Zealand Iditarod competitors Curt and Fleur Perano who run UnderDog NZ. You can book your very own Dog Sled experience at the Snowfarm in Wanaka, just have a look here:

The weekend as pack-filled with eye-opening advise and training sessions. Not only the dogs were...dog-tired in the end.
We hope to have them come up again in the future.

Nicki Harper from the CHB Mail wrote a great article about the weekend - Thanks Nicki for helping us promoting our sport!
Have a look here for the article in PDF format
RRSDRC 2015 Open Day in Palmerston North 

What a great day out - sunny and cold in Palmerston North, the gods were with us this year :-)
A huge turnout with lots of interested people and many kids coming over to give the dogs a pet and have a first ride on a bike, scooter or even rig.

Dale Wicken from the Manawatu Guardian came out and braved the challenges as well. Thanks Dale for putting the event into such a great article!
Have a look here for the full article.

For everyone who is keen to have a look at sled dog racing and what else you can do with your dogs, come out to our regular Wednesday Social walks/runs along the Esplanade. For more details check the calendar here on our website or head over to our FaceBook group for the most up-to-date information.

Summer day out in Wakarara 

Thanks to an invitation by Joanne Gilbert, we have had a fantastic day out with out 4-legged kids on the farm. I can only jealously imagine how this must look like in Winter.
Not to mention the night-over with bonfire, BBQ and lots of homemade drinks :-)

Nicki Harper wrote a very nice article in the CHB Mail - click here to read it.
Sled Dog Racing and the Ridge Runners Club in the Manawatu Farming Lifestyles Magazine.   

Denise Gunn and a friend of hers came out to brave a cold, wet and stormy beach training with us - about the only bad we we had in a long time. Despite the adverse weather, she stayed with us and enjoyed the dogs, the people and the craziness. Denise wrote a very nice article and promoted the club and our sport very well. Thanks Denise for such an awesome job!
To read the full issue, follow this link: http://issuu.com/nsmm/docs/mfl_jan_2015
To ready just the article in PDF format, click here.   
Sled Dog Racing portrayed in the NZ Dog World magazine   

Gaby Altermann wrote a nice article on Sled Dog Racing and the Ridge Runners Club for the July issue of the NZ Dog World magazine
The magazine is looking for more input from our community, so if you have a good idea for an article, let us know and we'll put to towards the NZFSS for approval :-) After that it is up to you to write a good story!

Click here to read the full article.   

Photo Capture of the 2-dog scooter class at the inaugural 2014 Westport  Scooter Derby.  

Gaby Altermann managed to take some great pictures of the heated action - and this pictures of Harwood Wilson and Iain Salisbury from the Canterbury Sled Dog Club battling it out on the race to the finish line was printed as a Snapshot features in the "Two  Cats One Dog" Magazine.

Click here to see the full Snapshot print.

Photo Capture in The Tribune on the Ridge Runners 2014 Open Day   
Another great shot from Warrick Smith - and great little article on the Open Day!

Read the full story here. 

Photo Capture in the Manawatu Standard on the Ridge Runners 2014 Open Day    

Thanks to Warrick Smith for coming out at the Open Day and taking lots of pictures! One of them made it into the Manawatu Standard - and James is one happy camper :-)

Read the full story here

Ridge Runners on the front page of The Tribune 

After a great photo shoot, Richard Mays wrote a fantastic story about the club.

Read the full story here.

The Guardian - Ridge Runner 2014 Open Day 

Featuring Suzanne Curson as our prominently displayed musher!
Thanks to Dale Wicken for a nice interview.

Click here to read the full story.
Rose and Nigel Voice from the Real Dog Equipment Company in The Listener 

The Listener has published an article about Rose and Nigel in The Listener (April 2014).

Read the full story here.