Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club

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Show your colors! RRSDRC club gear has arrived

Our first sets of club gear have arrived and are ready to order. We currently have two designs and three different clothing types in two awesome colors.
Over time we'll extend our selection and custom orders may be arranged with the club secretary.

How to order:

(1) Select you choice of clothing, design, color (grey or black) and size.
(2) Email the club secretary (secretary.ridgerunner@gmail.com) your selection and we'll confirm your selection and send you the bank account number for online payment. Costs for shipping are extra and we'll try to minimize costs as much as possible.
(3) Once the payment has arrived, the order goes out.
(4) Start wearing your club apparel daily :-)
Club designs
Motif "Nathan"
Nathan Bosher has designed an exclusive Ridge Runner logo for us and we are stunned how great it turned out. Thanks Nathan for this fantastic work!

Important notice: Prices for apparel refer to Nathan's logo only. Prices for the C-kennel logo may vary slightly and we'll update the page once the first orders have come through.

Motif "Husky C-Kennel"


Brad Bushel from John Hart Studios has kindly granted us permission to use this comic strip for our club gear.

Two thumbs up for the Dogs of C-Kennel (http://johnhartstudios.com/ckennel/) :-)

Anyone who hasn't checked them out already is missing a great comic strip, so make sure to click on the link above and give them a try.


All clothing comes in sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL and any child size.
Colors are dark grey or black - which are a special deal we have worked out for you. Other colors will become available over time and as demand requires. Pictures below show the grey choice.

T-Shirt, NZD $20.00

Logo on front

Hoodie, NZD $35.00

Logo on back

Hoodie /w Zipper, NZD $45.00

Logo on back

Sizing Guide
click HERE to open the sizing guide for all the club gear. Approximation only and keep in mind that you'll likely wear the hoodies in winter, so count extra layers of clothing when ordering your size.