Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club

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Welcome to the Twenty-fifth RRSDRC Anniversary Race weekend

25 years ago, the Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club was established and we have the honor of celebrating this event during a three day race weekend at Linden Estate in Hawkes Bay.
This is the official Event Website, with up-to-date race information, background information, pictures, links, forms etc. As the Anniversary Race draws closer, more and more information will be available here, so make sure to regularly check back.

Race Location  

The race weekend will be held at Linden Estate (www.lindenestatewinery.co.nz/).

We are very proud that Linden Estate has opened their vineyard to us. They are very excited to host their first Sled Dog Racing event and are keen to make this a memorable weekend. Alongside their fantastic wines, we will have access to their excellent Restaurant. We have tested both wine and food for you and can attest to the outstanding quality!

Have a look what is available a-la-carte (http://www.valleydvine.co.nz/menus), we are working on a special race menu as well.

There is even an unconfirmed a confirmed (thanks Frank!) rumor of hot mulled wine available during the weekend - we'll keep you updated :-)

Linden Estate will offer special deals on their wines for the race event. Keep an eye out for more updates on those specials!

Linden Estate is located directly on State Highway 5, a convenient 6 minutes drive from the Napier Beach Kiwi Holiday Park.

Linden Estate Winery Race weekend Specials
and Sponsorship

Linden Estate will offer a 3 pack special as a momentum of the weekend.

This pack will include:

1 bottle of Chardonnay 2013

1 bottle of Gewurztraminer 2014

1 bottle of Dam Block 2013 (premium red blend) 

for $60 (normally $80).

These wines are produced within the vineyards you race in - you will be able to literary sample the very soil of the race trail)

Linden Estate Winery have donated a rare 2013 Reserve Syrah MAGNUM bottle of wine. This is a limited edition run, only 70 of those have ever been produced.

A truly remarkable, extraordinary price that reflects  the significance of the RRSDRC 25th Anniversary.

On behalf of the entire club, we wish to extend a heartfelt "Thank you" to  Linden Estate for their continued enthusiastic support.
 Race Days
The 25th Anniversary Race will have three days of races.

Individual Race events are:
Friday,    29th:  Vineyard Classic (not sanctioned)
Saturday 30th:  25th Anniversary Run (sanctioned)
Sunday,  31th:  Bootie Blowout (sanctioned)

Prize givings will be held each day after the races at Linden Estate
Race Dates
The Race Weekend will be held from Friday, 29th of July 2016 until Sunday 31th of July 2016, a three day race event.

Race Schedule 

Friday 29th of July, Vineyard Classic, Afternoon 
Musher meeting / bib draw at Linden Estate.
Race start

Saturday 30th of July, 25th Anniversary Run, Morning
Meeting at Linden Estate
Race start

Sunday, 31th of July, Bootie Blowout, Morning 
Meeting at Linden Estate
Race start

Race Entry Forms  

Download the Race Entry form here (click me). Linden Estate and Valley d'Vine have put together a fantastic ensemble of wines and food choices - make sure to read the menu list in the the entry form! You can also order a-la-carte with the restaurant directly.

You can complete and sign the forms digitally or make a hardcopy and mail them to the address listed.

For the best experience, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader (www.get.adobe.com/reader/). Other viewers may not support all features of the entry form. 

The last day for entries is the 22nd of June, after that a late registration fee applies.

To make the long trip North more tempting, we have decided to waive all entry fees for the 3-day anniversary race event for all South Island based teams! If you do not belong to a club, the day membership will apply for insurance.

Trail conditions  

Trails are mostly grassy trails within the vineyard. Occasional sections of gravel road and one very short piece of concrete.

Due to the layout of the vineyard, some trail sections will be narrower and passing should be timed accordingly and with care.

The picture below shows the general layout of Linden Estate - the shown trail WILL change for the race! Click on the image for full view.

Interactive map for Linden Estate

Linden Estate, Hawkes Bay

We will meet at the designated parking area at Linden Estate each morning, there is no need for a convoy. Teams can visit the winery or the Hawkes Bay Region in between race events, but arriving and leaving must be co-ordinated with the RGO so to not interfere with any ongoing events.

Race Officials and Helpers

Race Marshall
Jesse Bisset
Race Secretary
Gabriele Altermann
Head Time Keeper
Melissa Guo
 Time Keepers
Caroline Liwon, Lisa Martin, Hannah Bisset
 Chute Marshal
Gabriele & Eric Altermann
 Trail Boss
Ash Fritz / James Viner
 Trail helpers
Xiaoxiao Lin, Thomas Oestrich, Hayden Franklin, Eric Altermann, Jonathan Andrieux, Olivia MacLaren, Denyse Collister, Sheryll Comforth, Illona Turnbull
 Vet on site
 Jessica Clark, Ruthie Henchmann
Any changes in the Race Officials will be announced here.
There is a range of options available within a 45 min radius of Linden Estate.

The Bay View Snapper Park in Napier (new name: Napier Beach Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels):

Here are some other dog friendly options in and around Napier:

Early booking is recommended for those who want a beachfront apartment. Individual places may vary in their ability to accommodate larger number of dogs, so be sure to double check before making your reservation.

Race Day Foods at Valley d'Vine

The restaurant at Linden Estate, Valley d'Vine (www.valleydvine.co.nz), have gone out of their way to create a spectacular (and affordable) Race Menu for the three racing days.
Breakfast includes barista made coffee, bacon-egg-mushroom toast and much more.
Lunch promises to be exciting with Lamb, Steak and Paua (!!) open sandwiches.
Dinner will be STEAK night!
Book your food in advance by filling in the Race menu in the Race Entry Form (even if you are a spectator) and send in to us (rrsdrc.entry@gmail.com). Payment is on the day in the restaurant.
For those who want to sample the other food choices, you can order a-la-carte as well - simply get in contact with Valley d'Vine (06-650 3463) and place your order.

See the entire race menu here or click on the restaurant logo.

Gold Sponsor 
(click on picture for larger version)

Silver Sponsors 
(click on picture for larger version)

UrbanWolf offers high quality equipment for active dogs and dog owners in New Zealand.
Stake-out provides quality, custom made Sled Dog equipment since 1993.
Breaking News
 19/07/16: Added Race Weekend Specials and a major sponsorship price from Linden Estate Winery
 05/07/16: Updated Race officials, added Valley d'Vine race menu
 21/06/2016: The Race Entry form is online!
 27/05/16: Race entry fees are waved for all South Island teams!
 10/04/2016: Corrected some dates and faulty links
10/04/16: Website goes LIVE! More updates will come until the event.
10/04/16: Sponsors confirmed: The RRSDRC 25th anniversary race weekend is now proudly sponsored by Acana/Orijen, Urban Wolf, Pawtrax and Stake-Out.
30/03/2016: Frank Heuser from Linden Estate confirms the mulled wine :-) Cold weather, roll on!
28/03/16: first draft of the website done!